The Missing Link

Published November 22, 2011 by The OC

Three points. Three points lost. And all I blame is that nice lady who manages the photocopying area at school.

I’m not really a perfectionist, you see. Just like what I’ve said in my earlier post, I don’t really strive to be perfect. BUT I can’t help but feel bad. :(

We just had our first-ever-most-awaited-quiz-of-the-week in my Arkiyoloji 1 class. I’ve read everything I needed to read. I certainly almost memorized the chapter selections and I really really REALLY studied hard for the quiz. The thing is, while I was reviewing, I noticed that there’s a duplicate of page 24 in one of my copies. I didn’t really bother. But then I came to realize, I’m missing a page. Honestly though, I didn’t really think it was THAT important. Nevertheless, I was quite freaking out.

And then, it all went down this morning. My first class (which starts at 8:30) with the most awaited quiz just broke my heart. I couldn’t really think of the answer in numbers 10-12. I don’t remember reading anything about that question. Right there and then, it hit me. It most probably came from the missing page of my reading, I mea

n, where else would it have come from? With all my might, I did try to guess and with the one in a million chance of catching a lightning, one, I repeat, JUST ONE of the three answers I wrote turned out to be correct.

I really want to get good grades this semester. I need to stay in CBA (College of Business Administration). I have to get at least a 2.29 GWA average of the two semesters and there’s really no room for mistakes here ’cause I wasn’t lucky in my first semester. I know I shouldn’t feel really bad, but I just want to make my parents proud of me. I feel and I know my parents were kind of disappointed last semester, and I don’t want them to feel the same this time. :(

Actually, I don’t really blame the lady who photocopied the chapter I have. Well, maybe just a little. I just have to do better next time and make sure I get the right pages. Anyways, I hope you learned from my mistake, I’m sure I did.

I promise you guys, I will do better! Kill me if I don’t. (That was a figure of speech. DON’T take it seriously.)


8 comments on “The Missing Link

  • Haha…you are safe…don’t worry.
    Hmm. I’m sure you can handle better the future tests. It’s not a tragedy if you get a bad grade (for you is a little important because you said you neeeeed to have good grades to remain to CBA)…Don’t study for your parents. I’ve done that and…it’s not so great. You don’t have to be so upset about a test…after 5 years you will think about these exams like they didn’t have any importance at all. It’s more important what you really learn. I had all my life just good grades and I didn’t especially remain with substantial information in my head…because I read only for good grades. School…not as important as the experience. Things always will have a solution. Don’t panic. ;)) (ps: I’m sorry for the mistakes, but english is not my first language :)) )

    • Your English is actually good. I, myself, am not really that good in English too. But I just try to be. Yeah, I also did that (for the parents thing) and I just ended up breaking down into pressure. I did realize some of the things you said. Grades aren’t as important as the knowledge you get. I have a lot more to post about school and since I know your about to take your MA sooner or later, I hope you can help me if I need one. ♥

      • Thank you. My English became better by writing on blog, so if you want to develop your skills, here you can do it. Of course I will help you. :D It’s your final year of school?

      • :)) I think we say high-school for a different thing…:))
        I’ve read this now:
        “In the Philippines, high school is a part of a 10-year compulsory education which runs for 4 years after the 6 years education for grade school.”

        When I said that i finished high-school I really said that I’ve finished 12 years of school. After that is college (from 3 to 4 depends) and then MA (1 or 2 years).
        The meaning of the word “high-school” is different from country to country. :D

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