Ask and You Shall Receive

Published November 27, 2011 by The OC

“Ask and you shall receive..” -Matthew 7:7

So this Christmas season, I shall ask and receive, right? :) That’s why I am going to put EVERYTHING on my Christmas list here! Feel free to choose and give. Remember, “The more you give, the more you receive.” So don’t be a Scrooge! Be like Santa and let us feel the Christmas loooooove. ♥ (Don’t worry, you guys, it wouldn’t include my dream house or a car. ;) )

I really loooove Sophie Kinsella‘s Shopaholic Series. I already got the first three books and I’m crossing my fingers this Christmas for the other three. :)

I never had a Havaianas slippers. But I am hoping to get one this year! I prefer if its light blue or white, but gray would be fine, too. Preferably like the one in the picture, but if it’s plain, still fine with me. ;)

From slippers to shoes. Be it wedges or doll shoes, I have no problems with it. Guys, it doesn’t really have to be branded or such. Just needs to be really cute and at least, last for a while. :D

Bracelets and bangles! Loooove! Choose lots of colors, puuuhlease!

Yes, I really want to have white feather earrings (not dangling and not long please). And aren’t those polymer clay earrings sooo cute?

Chocolates, cupcakes and brownies, Christmas is the best season to receive some sweet treats especially for sweet tooths like me! So why don’t you go ahead and visit your favorite sweet shop and share the goodness! (no candies please. :3 )

From Chick Lit books to Nicholas Sparks’  collection, for sure my vacation will be worth it! It doesn’t really have to be brand new. There are lots of second-hand bookshops around like Booksale! And remember, Chick Lits doesn’t only come in pink covers there are whole lot others. I highly suggest Sophie Kinsella‘s The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me?, Twenties Girl and the Madeleine Wickham books. As for the Nicholas Sparks’ books, don’t even bother thinking “What if she already has this book?” because I don’t even have one. Huhu. I only get to watch the movies. :’)

If you ever have lots of puppies, I am very willing to take care of one. :)

This is pretty much it. I mean, it’s all that I can think of now. I will just update this list when I happen to have something new on my list. ♥

PS: For shoe size reference, please read @ :)

(disclaimer: this is not a marketing strategy.. I think. Hihi. :) )


10 comments on “Ask and You Shall Receive

  • I like those white shoes. :D I want a pair so badly. Hmm…cupcakes, yummi…Today I’ve cooked this: …hope it will not go to the spam category because of the link..:)) It’s a creme (made with sugar, eggs and milk) with caramel. :D I like everything sweet. Hmm…I think there isn’t anything that I want for Christmas. I have all the things that make me happy (if I don’t talk about huge things like…a fancy car or stuff like that :D )…I’ve just bought a really cute pair of boots with high-heels and I wait for the opportunity to wear them. :))

    • It really looks yummy! Haha. The page is in your language. :) I had to press the translate button to understand it. :P And yessss, those shoes are gorgeous! I have a pair of boots too! And I’m also waiting for an opportunity of wearing them. But here in the Philippines, wearing such is like too much for most of the people.

      • I couldn’t found the recipe in English…sorry :)). That’s why I wrote the ingredients of that creme. :)).
        Why there is a big deal to wear that kind of boots? :-?
        In Romania every (classy) girl wears this kind of shoes (especially in clubs).

      • Well, I don’t really know. I mean, if you dress up like a fashionista or at least a classy girl as you would put it, here in the Philippines, it’s like not normal. Most people wear just t-shirts and jeans and slippers. There are not much people who dress up really good. I try to dress up with pretty good clothes but sometimes, I just feel everyone’s looking at me differently.

      • Haha…I know how it is. Everywhere are people who look at you like you are some kind of freak dressing well. I try not to be so…how can I say…weird when I choose my clothes (I don’t dress in 10 different colour in the same time, with cut clothes or very weird combination of clothes that don’t match each other – even if sometimes this means you are original). I prefer to be stylish and not original. If I like how a girl is dressed up on the street, I try to keep in mint the combination of clothes and try to combine what I like at her with what I like at other girls and that’s how I make my own style. I have moments when I dress up normally, just because I don’t want people stare at me…so I know what you are saying…try not to care so much of what others think.

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