Published November 27, 2011 by The OC

I was supposed to use “A Re-telling of A Re-telling: The Notebookas the title of this entry. But I decided to just think of a new one because I’m writing more on the experience of being re-told of a story though the first title was more catchy.

November 25th, Friday. It was past 9 o’clock in the morning when Sir Joscar Malacaman, our English 1 professor, asked us to tell our so-called “partner” who’s just our seatmate by the way, our favorite story. Aside from that, he specifically asked us to tell it in English. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean, what he’s asking us to do isn’t really hard. I do know how to speak in English but the problem is, I’m not really a good speaker of the language. Apparently, I am not alone. Grace, my seatmate, also felt that way. In which case, we kind of just giggled it off while inside, I was already formulating what to say just so I wouldn’t mess up the story I was about to tell her.

Grace and I aren’t really close. We’re more of in the she’s-just-my-seatmate-in-English-class relationship. But seeing her in the same state that I am – the nervously giggling state – I actually felt quite comfortable. I was the first one to tell my favorite story, Hope for The Flowers by Trina Paulus. Miraculously, I didn’t mess it up which was a relief on my side. However, I noticed that I overused the word “like” which made me realize just now that I should be really expanding my vocabulary.

When it was her turn to tell her favorite story, she kept on saying “You know this already.” And I was like, “It’s okay.” Well, it really was okay to me. To make her comfortable in telling me her favorite story, I let her tell me the details first like the title, author and genre. It turned out that her favorite story is Nicholas Spark‘s The Notebook. I do know The Notebook because I watched its movie but I never really read the book itself. Just like me, she never really have read the book but she really LOVES the story. You could really see it in her that she really loves the story. Her smile goes from ear to ear as she tells me the scenes that touched and made her feel the butterflies inside. And every time I get to relate to what she’s saying, it was like the feeling of having you and your best friend connect like Bluetooth. We were like those young girls who just saw a cute guy and gush about it. It was a moment where I felt comfortable with her. It was a moment where I can say I have a new friend.

Well, you see, it was just all about THE story. I tell a story. She tells a story. That was it. But the moment took a turn and led me to this road I never thought I’d be in. It’s not just the love conquers all theme of The Notebook that I get to know about. It was also about the nice, sweet and funny girl that I have always sat beside in class whom I now officially call as my friend.

When you just let loose and let the moment take over the driver’s seat, you will always find yourself in somewhere unexpected, somewhere beautiful. It may not be the destination you’re supposed to go to nor be the way you want to take but I am sure that where ever it is, it’s worth the time to see. Sooner or later, you’ll think about it and say it’s true. :)

“Let the moment take over the driver’s seat.”

6 comments on “Detour

  • I loved the movie too. It has a beautiful story. It looks like you have a new friend. :D That’s good. It’s always nice to have friends. Keep in touch with her..who knows, maybe you two will be bff in the end.

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