Why I Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales

Published November 28, 2011 by The OC

Fairy Tale


1. A fanciful tale of legendary deeds and creatures, usually intended for children.

2. A fictitious, highly fanciful story or explanation.

Warning: Before anything else, you must know I am not in the business of ruining a little girl’s dream of becoming a princess. Trust me, I am not. That’s why this entry must not be read or even be told to them for my heart cannot bear see a child’s simple fantasies be shattered into dust. Guilt will haunt me ’til the very day of my death if that happens. So please, don’t.

Been there, done that. I once believed in fairy tales, you see. I had always dreamed of becoming a beautiful princess, to be come the damsel in distress and be saved by Prince Charming who’s destined to meet and save me from all the evils in the world.

I held on to that belief for years and years and years. Until I did find a prince who I believed that he was the one I was fated to be with. Well, at least, I did believe.. at the moment.

Obviously, you guys already know that I did fell in love, I repeat, I DID. I mean, who doesn’t? (For those of you who hasn’t fallen in love YET, you will, trust me, you just have to wait.) And it’s also obvious that the relationship didn’t work out. But before you call me “bitter” or anything else by the book, I want you guys to know that I am writing this to let you know the reasons why I’ve thrown everything about princesses and castles out the window and not because I want people to know every minute detail with my past, if you know what I mean.

I guess it’s true what they say, you’ll wish you were a kid again when your heart gets broken ’cause skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts. Though both may leave scars on you, at least there are what we call “The magics of dermatology”. But no matter how bad you want to fix your own heart, you can’t. There’s no heart surgery that can ever heal or make the scars in your heart disappear. (I know the heart doesn’t really do all that and it’s just used as a metaphor for what’s in the mind, but do let me use it for generality’s sake.)

Being heart-broken makes you feel lots of things like:

1. You feel worthless.

2. You feel that you’re done for.

3. You feel you’re in a prison and can never get out of it.

4. You feel the world is ending.

5. You feel so alone that no one will ever come to love you again.

and so on.

But for me, I think the worst part of getting heart-broken is when you believed everything was just like what you thought it would be and the next thing you know, it already took a three hundred and sixty degree turn. This very fact made me realize that fairy tales are for kids. I am not a princess and definitely, my life isn’t a fairy tale.

Though Cinderella may have been hurt by her step sisters and step mother, or even if Sleeping Beauty was put to sleep by an evil witch, their princes never hurt them. But for us people, in reality, it’s not always the case. You may feel the best feelings in the world but never be too sure that it will last. Nothing is permanent as they say, except for change.

Another reason I don’t believe in fairy tales is because I certainly do know that life is not like the movies. I frankly, think that these fantasies (the fairy-tale-like ones) created by people and shown on the big screens are just mere translation of what most people wish that their life would be, of what we think life should be. We shouldn’t even bother dreaming that our life will be just like that. I tell you, I maybe too young to say this, but there will always be hits and misses when it comes to chasing dreams. You have to go through a lot.

Yes, it does seem that my little childhood belief has left me and is now gone but that doesn’t mean that I’ll never believe in it again. I am not closing my doors on the opportunity of getting my fairy tale or having my movie. Remember, I just said “I don’t“, I NEVER said “I can’t“. And besides, just because I don’t believe in fairy tales, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in happy endings. :) If you think about it, you would rather have a happy ending without the fairy tale-like story than to have the story like those of princesses but with no happy endings. I know it would be great to have both but in this life, you can’t have it all.

You may have not thought of this yet but we are the one’s responsible for our own book. We’re the ones who write our own stories. In my case, I can’t write it as a fairy tale because it just isn’t the right genre for me. I know that one of you or at least a few of you still believe that your life can be just like those in Disney and you don’t agree with what I said, well, I respect that and I am not stopping you guys from believing. Just be sure that in your book, you make sure that you write everything and not just those that will make yours seem to be perfect. :)


13 comments on “Why I Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales

  • I truly believe that we were put in this world to meet challenges head on. We learn, grow and become better human beings through these experiences. Can people actually live a fairy tale life? I believe they can but not without over coming some major road blocks along the way. Hopefully we can all write our own special story worthy of a good read! Cheers

  • Haha…your post is funny because you are so young and you don’t realize that love is a weird thing. Love makes you act stupid, makes you forgive anything (or almost) and makes you jealous (that’s not a pleasant feeling). After I had my heart broken for the first time I kept a little distance between me and boys…It’s a safe way to keep all the pieces of your heart together all the time. After a while you will see that love is not your priority anymore…After your first serious relationship you will see things totally different.

  • I really like the blog you made. Certain scenarios flash back at me from my “FRIEND’S FAIRY TALE” too. Its like that your’e that good friend of mine!! hahahaha LOL \m/ ;) Any way, I certainly agree with what all you say. And don’t worry your “prince” will be just around in the corners. I have a question, If you said that fairy tale is not your genre then what it is? :)))) hahahaha God Bless!!

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