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Yet Again

Published December 23, 2011 by The OC

A few days after my first award here in the blogosphere, I received another award, The Liebster Blog Award, from nepaliaustralian. I don’t really know what to say. :’) I’m yet again, lost for words. I feel really happy and appreciated. Since I have been given these awards, The Versatile Blogger Award and The Liebster Blog Award, my blog has received hit after hit after hit. You see, I thought I’ll only get hits from my friends and acquaintances because I ask them to check out my blog every time I post (talk about desperate to have traffic on my blog. HAHA.). It’s so hard to be seen and be known in this world. And honestly, I don’t really know how am I going to let people know that The OC even exists.

I know I can’t keep up with how fast the other bloggers have done here that’s why every time I read a blog, I look at how many people comment on their posts, how many people follows them, how many hits they received and how many things I wish were happening in my blog, too. :( I guess it’s my own (for lack of terms) “fault” because I don’t really have the qualities a good-always-noticed blogger should have. (this is purely based from how I see it, okay?)

1. Blogging isn’t really my first priority, I am still studying and trying to get really good grades. I’m just a college freshman and I’m still trying to make sense of my world so I’m really focused on my future and my goals now.

2. We only have one computer here at home. As I’ve said in Flawed, I live in a perfectly adequate world. We get what we need. I have an older brother who makes the desktop his office and who thinks he’s the boss here so if you do the mathematical ratios, computations and whatsoever , one is to two.. not enough. :|

3. I wish I have all the time in the world. I wish. Yeah, right. As hard as I try to give more time here blogging, I can’t. I just have a lot to do and 24 hours is not enough.

4. The creative juices. Don’t have much at the moment. HAHA. Well, not much really everyday. :(

5. Confidence. I don’t really have it. I mean, I want to tell A LOT of things but I just don’t know if people would even care to notice.

Even if this blog post seems to be full of despair. I still want to make it a bit joyous since Christmas is near! :D So, I would to give my utmost and deepest gratitude to nepaliaustralian for giving me this award. >:D<

Die Liebster Blog Award

Thank you so much for loving my blog! And as I’ve read one of your posts, the Transformation of my social life, I want you to know that in this blogging world, you’re like a mother to me. :’) Your love and support makes you a perfect mother for anyone and you don’t have to feel like you have to know things about being a mother. ;) *hugs* So thank you so much! (Now all I need is a father and a brother in the blogosphere! HAHA! :P)

And following the rules, here are my 5 top picks!

The journal of everyday life



ThE cOnFuSeD gRAdUaTe


You all deserve it, so cheers to you! Your blog posts are one of the best I’ve seen here in the blogosphere. So I hope you feel appreciated! ;) You’ve earned it. ;)



Lost For Words

Published December 18, 2011 by The OC

I never thought I’d be into blogging. Much more, I never thought I’ll have such an award as this.

La Versatile Blogueur Award

It is such a great honor to be recognized for all the love and labor I put in each of my posts. That is why this is a really big deal for me. I have received awards in my lifetime and this one is definitely on top of the list. You see, I started blogging because I have to. It’s a requirement for my English 1 course and because I’m a responsible student, *coughs* I followed what my professor asked me to do. But it seems that WordPress put a magic spell on their site and made me want to make blogging a real part of me and not just any requirement I have to fulfill. And so I started blogging every week and/or anytime I want to. :)

I would like to give my biggest “THANK YOU” to my big sister, Glamorholicfor supporting my blog all through out. She is the one who nominated me and the very first one to follow my blog and like and comment on all my posts. T.T I would never have had made it this far if it wasn’t for her. Her support for me really made me keep on going. It’s hard to just open your account and see no one liking or commenting on your post. :( But, because of her patience in reading and giving me feedbacks, I enjoyed writing more because I know someone is reading it. She also inspired me to be hardworking with my blog. Someday, I’ll be like her and all the other bloggers out there who have LOTS of followers and hits and comments and likes. I’m hoping and praying that I will be as successful as them in the blogging community. :>

So, following the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award, I am nominating *drum roll*

The journal of everyday life… ♥

This is not just because of her support for me, it’s also because she is as random as me and her blog is really really gooood to read! :* >:D<


She’s a really good friend of mine who made me think of believing in fairy tales again and think twice about happy endings (you can read it here.) Her blog’s the same with me (about the English course requirement) and her last post did make my nosebleed. HAHA. :P


I would like you to meet my professor in English! Hihi. Hi, sir. :) His posts are oh-so-good and are really worth the read!

The Keeper

Even if he’s just starting off with the blogging world, his first post makes you want to know him more. :)


Her blog holds a whole bunch of categories! From Australia up to emotions and even about health.


A person who loooves all in two wheels! The adventures are really a must-read!

ThE cOnFuSeD gRAdUaTe

The posts are different from each other. Another random person in the blogging world!


Read her blog through Glamorholic‘s nomination. I must say that the food here is really yummy and it will make your stomach growl! :p~


If versatile is what you want, then versatile is what you get. The posts here are funny and relatable!

It’s The Journey

If you want to read good poems, you can find it in this blog. :>

Now I need to share 7 random things about me, well, I think it will be better if you just go to my Random Facts Page! It’s all about me. :>

Simplicity At Its Finest

Published December 12, 2011 by The OC

I’m not an artistic person nor am I the one who loves art. I do know how to appreciate one but most of the times, I just don’t get it.


With that in mind, you would expect that if I was in a museum, I will just look at the artwork and then move to the next one. But seeing the painting of Nena Saguil entitled “Tag-Ani sa Bukid” I can’t help but be in awe. It’s a simple artwork colored with the hues of pink, purple and red, a painting as big as a standard notebook and put in the middle of two relatively larger ones. Despite its size and visibility (position-wise), I was captivated by the vibrant colors used for it just catches your eye and makes your feet stay where they are.

The painting depicts the celebration of farmers in the time of good tidings and good harvest. With a simple scenery of a traditional farmland rendered by a blood red-roofed hut on the right side and three triangles on the left side of the painting, two in the shade of pink and the other in red, seem to represent the tall mountains; a hot pink horizon with vertical wavy lines in both sides,  with the native black gray-horned carabao standing on the lower left side of the view; and a purple back draft with an intricate white scale-like pattern.

The characters in the artwork can be easily interpreted as well. The farmers sing and dance together to a tune. The two men are wearing the traditional camisa de tsino while the two women are wearing their baro’t saya with underskirts. The woman who appears to be singing stands by the right side of the hut while looking at the man who sits in front of the hut in an Indian sitting position, playing his black guitar. On the other hand, the other couple seems to be dancing together. The lady can be seen in the middle of the piece dancing in her red ruffled-neckline dress while holding a pink handkerchief with which she captures the essence of the artwork very well. While her partner dances on the left side of the painting in front of the mountains. Their clothes are hued with the same bright and bold colors used in the scenery of the painting.

All in all, the masterpiece of Ms. Saguil is truly a simple but a very straightforward painting representing the farmers who have worked hard and celebrated the feast of harvest time.


Published December 3, 2011 by The OC

I don’t really know how to start this post though I know what I want to write, I can’t seem to put it into words. I guess it’s because what I’m writing about isn’t just a topic that I randomly thought of while I was eating breakfast this morning. It just really holds a special place inside of me. It’s something or rather someone very important to me. And I just want this post to be as special as the person I am writing about.

Usually, a person would make a list in their mind of his or her ideals towards other people. We have our own standards, our own checklist of what we want to see from others. Most of the time, we end up not really living with the standards we have set either because we had set it too high or just because the people around us can’t just make it on the list. For some weird unknown reason, even if we know that it is quite impossible to find even just one person that will live up to our standards, we still make one. And so I thought, are we making this so-called checklists because we want to be surrounded by the best possible people on Earth? Or is it because we’re just too scared to get hurt that’s why we try to find those people whom we think won’t be able to harm us?

Guilty as I plead, I make my standards too high just because I don’t want to get hurt. I guess that’s why I’m a bit an anti-social and quite distant towards others. But as Bob Marley said, “Truth is, everyone’s gonna hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” And you know what? He is right. It is impossible to find someone who wouldn’t hurt us. Nobody’s too good. Often times I find myself finding the people who even though they didn’t make the cut, they are still very much worthy to stay in my life. But when it comes to finding the best among the rest, I think it’s just totally not what I’m expecting.

When I was just a little girl, I used to think that when I find the one, that person would totally be the one I have waited for. Little did I know, expectations do get broken but I wasn’t really disappointed. In fact, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

People know me as someone who’s just quiet, not really the type of person who easily makes friends. And if we’re going to go with the tell-me-who-your-friends-are-and-i’ll-tell-you-who-you-are thing, you’re probably expecting that my friends are just like me, most especially my best friend.

You see, if I tell you that my best friend is one of the most frank people you’ve ever known, that she has a tongue as sharp as a knife and with just a few right words, she can kill you, and that she is really good at the things I’m not and that I am just about half her body structure, would you even believe me? I mean, if you don’t really know we’re best friends, I don’t think you’ll even think we are best friends. She’s totally the opposite of me. Honestly, if you were to ask me what would be my best friend like when I was about eight, I’d probably answer someone who is sweet, really prim and proper (not that I know these words when I was eight), and someone like a twin. Ask me now and I’ll totally would’ve opposed everything I said back then.

She’s not sweet. I mean not really the sweet type, she’s kind of more on the bittersweet side. She’s not always going to kiss your ass when you do something right. But at least she bakes really good chocolate cakes which make up for the bitterness she gives when she just feels like it. She’s not really the prim and proper princess-like girl, she’s more of the “one of the boys” kind of girl. ‘Cause she’d probably go for the comfy manners than those “royal” attitudes. And she’s totally not my twin. Nevertheless, she is my sister. By sister, I meant, she is the one who protects me from people who hurt me. She takes care of me every time I don’t feel good. She teaches me lessons I would’ve never understood, academic and life-wise. She tells me what’s right and wrong and always tells me the harsh truths of life. She just randomly makes me laugh when she learns a new crazy joke and try it on me. She also pretends and acts like a boyfriend who I think I will never have ’til I lie on my deathbed. She’s even the one who made a “goodbye” video for my ever epic-almost-there-relationship. And she always, ALWAYS stays by my side and never leaves me alone.

I don’t know what my life would’ve been if we never met. I don’t know who I would have been if she wasn’t there. Meeting her was probably one of the best chances I got in my life. Being her best friend, it is one of the best blessings God has ever given to me. Cheesy, I know, but it is what it is. You see, I had to throw my standards book and just let her give me the standards I need. I guess when you try to plan your life using these standards, life will just always get in the way just so you learn more than what you need. Most probably, life gets in the way to let you forget what you want and let you realize what you deserve. It’s not like you’re gonna die if your life tries to make a few twists and turns, right? Que sera, sera. It may seem to be not your cup of tea and it may go out far from your customs, but I tell you, in the end, you’ll most probably have the best-est friend you never thought you’ll have! Trust me. :)

"Let it happen on its own."

“..Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding. But there’s also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along.” -Marion St. Claire, Bride Wars

I love you, Kristel. :) ♥

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