Lost For Words

Published December 18, 2011 by The OC

I never thought I’d be into blogging. Much more, I never thought I’ll have such an award as this.

La Versatile Blogueur Award

It is such a great honor to be recognized for all the love and labor I put in each of my posts. That is why this is a really big deal for me. I have received awards in my lifetime and this one is definitely on top of the list. You see, I started blogging because I have to. It’s a requirement for my English 1 course and because I’m a responsible student, *coughs* I followed what my professor asked me to do. But it seems that WordPress put a magic spell on their site and made me want to make blogging a real part of me and not just any requirement I have to fulfill. And so I started blogging every week and/or anytime I want to. :)

I would like to give my biggest “THANK YOU” to my big sister, Glamorholicfor supporting my blog all through out. She is the one who nominated me and the very first one to follow my blog and like and comment on all my posts. T.T I would never have had made it this far if it wasn’t for her. Her support for me really made me keep on going. It’s hard to just open your account and see no one liking or commenting on your post. :( But, because of her patience in reading and giving me feedbacks, I enjoyed writing more because I know someone is reading it. She also inspired me to be hardworking with my blog. Someday, I’ll be like her and all the other bloggers out there who have LOTS of followers and hits and comments and likes. I’m hoping and praying that I will be as successful as them in the blogging community. :>

So, following the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award, I am nominating *drum roll*

The journal of everyday life… ♥

This is not just because of her support for me, it’s also because she is as random as me and her blog is really really gooood to read! :* >:D<


She’s a really good friend of mine who made me think of believing in fairy tales again and think twice about happy endings (you can read it here.) Her blog’s the same with me (about the English course requirement) and her last post did make my nosebleed. HAHA. :P


I would like you to meet my professor in English! Hihi. Hi, sir. :) His posts are oh-so-good and are really worth the read!

The Keeper

Even if he’s just starting off with the blogging world, his first post makes you want to know him more. :)


Her blog holds a whole bunch of categories! From Australia up to emotions and even about health.


A person who loooves all in two wheels! The adventures are really a must-read!

ThE cOnFuSeD gRAdUaTe

The posts are different from each other. Another random person in the blogging world!


Read her blog through Glamorholic‘s nomination. I must say that the food here is really yummy and it will make your stomach growl! :p~


If versatile is what you want, then versatile is what you get. The posts here are funny and relatable!

It’s The Journey

If you want to read good poems, you can find it in this blog. :>

Now I need to share 7 random things about me, well, I think it will be better if you just go to my Random Facts Page! It’s all about me. :>


18 comments on “Lost For Words

  • Hey congratulations on your win!!!.. : )

    Whoa! I’m sooo honoured to be on that list!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! : ) : ) : )
    I am quite in the loss of words. : P

    Thank you again!…. I can’t stop saying thank you…! hehe

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