Yet Again

Published December 23, 2011 by The OC

A few days after my first award here in the blogosphere, I received another award, The Liebster Blog Award, from nepaliaustralian. I don’t really know what to say. :’) I’m yet again, lost for words. I feel really happy and appreciated. Since I have been given these awards, The Versatile Blogger Award and The Liebster Blog Award, my blog has received hit after hit after hit. You see, I thought I’ll only get hits from my friends and acquaintances because I ask them to check out my blog every time I post (talk about desperate to have traffic on my blog. HAHA.). It’s so hard to be seen and be known in this world. And honestly, I don’t really know how am I going to let people know that The OC even exists.

I know I can’t keep up with how fast the other bloggers have done here that’s why every time I read a blog, I look at how many people comment on their posts, how many people follows them, how many hits they received and how many things I wish were happening in my blog, too. :( I guess it’s my own (for lack of terms) “fault” because I don’t really have the qualities a good-always-noticed blogger should have. (this is purely based from how I see it, okay?)

1. Blogging isn’t really my first priority, I am still studying and trying to get really good grades. I’m just a college freshman and I’m still trying to make sense of my world so I’m really focused on my future and my goals now.

2. We only have one computer here at home. As I’ve said in Flawed, I live in a perfectly adequate world. We get what we need. I have an older brother who makes the desktop his office and who thinks he’s the boss here so if you do the mathematical ratios, computations and whatsoever , one is to two.. not enough. :|

3. I wish I have all the time in the world. I wish. Yeah, right. As hard as I try to give more time here blogging, I can’t. I just have a lot to do and 24 hours is not enough.

4. The creative juices. Don’t have much at the moment. HAHA. Well, not much really everyday. :(

5. Confidence. I don’t really have it. I mean, I want to tell A LOT of things but I just don’t know if people would even care to notice.

Even if this blog post seems to be full of despair. I still want to make it a bit joyous since Christmas is near! :D So, I would to give my utmost and deepest gratitude to nepaliaustralian for giving me this award. >:D<

Die Liebster Blog Award

Thank you so much for loving my blog! And as I’ve read one of your posts, the Transformation of my social life, I want you to know that in this blogging world, you’re like a mother to me. :’) Your love and support makes you a perfect mother for anyone and you don’t have to feel like you have to know things about being a mother. ;) *hugs* So thank you so much! (Now all I need is a father and a brother in the blogosphere! HAHA! :P)

And following the rules, here are my 5 top picks!

The journal of everyday life



ThE cOnFuSeD gRAdUaTe


You all deserve it, so cheers to you! Your blog posts are one of the best I’ve seen here in the blogosphere. So I hope you feel appreciated! ;) You’ve earned it. ;)



19 comments on “Yet Again

  • Don’t give up and don’t feel discouraged. Many of the big bloggers we know and see today started right where we are. Nobody knew they were around until probably their second or third year in blogging. It takes time, dedication and patience. Just continue to post about the interesting stuff that goes on in your head or in your world and you will gain an audience who will be truly appreciative of your writing and the time you take to add posts of substance to the blogsphere. Keep on going!

  • I feel for you man!… Even I hardly get to use the computer at home.. ! :( hehe..
    You say you have a lot to say but not sure….. I say bring it out!! I would love to read all abt it… : )

    Thanks for nominating me again, Joana…. really really flattered. : )

    • You’re welcome! :) I’ll try to make things work here (in my life, first). HAHA. I need some life organizing to do, so, when I’m done, I’ll really try to let it all out! ;)

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