Om Nom Nom Nom

Published February 7, 2012 by The OC

Cookie Monster

I bet most of you will recognize this young fellow above without reading the caption, right? Well, I do! Most of us do! It is an undeniable fact that at some point in our lives, we watched cartoons and children shows or at least heard about them. We actually even enjoyed them in our childhood. We even dressed like them, acted like them, imitated them by all means possible, or whatever we did that involves them, we sure can’t forget it.

Childhood is a big part of our lives. Aside from the fact that we all went through this stage (unless we’re Benjamin Button), most of our happy memories involves the seven-year old you who slipped and fell on your butt or that three-year old kid who just lost his tooth. We all went through childhood, but it all varies from person to person. Some of us might have had the princess-like childhood that I’ve always dreamed about, or for those who were not so lucky, an abused relationship with their parents. But whatever our childhood had been, may it be a good or a bad one, I bet we have something to look on to for us to be happy. It maybe the blue fluffy googly monster puppet who always eat cookies or that yellow silly old bear with a red shirt who loves to eat honey or the simple teddy bear or doll we always carried anywhere we go or even those friends only you could see.

Cartoons and toys played a big part in our childhood. It taught us how to be responsible and caring. It taught us how to share and love. But I think the most important lesson these characters taught each kid is to imagine beyond what we can see.

Years may come by and pass, but memories won’t fade. You might be surprised how old you have become when you get to see those pictures of the cartoon characters from your time and start to reminisce about the scenes you’ve always liked or hated. One good thing about childhood is that it creates a mark inside all of us, that even if we grow too old, we still have a little child living inside our hearts. Childhood is a never ending story. We were kids and we will be like kids before we die. Remember, one sign of growing old is being importunate. Growing old might mean we are near our end, but it also means we’re just going back to the time when we all feel young. ♡

“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves”


14 comments on “Om Nom Nom Nom

  • Very true..My late grand dad… who passed away exactly 2 weeks ago at the age of 93 years.. turned into a child in the last few years.
    All he could remember was his childhood and nothing else. He din’ believe he used to work at one point or rejected the idea that he has kids coz’ he imagined he was a kid himself. Hehe : )

    totally agree.. Our childhood will stay with us forever! : )… Nice post. : )

  • Ah, being a kid was probably the greatest! What was I thinking wanting to grow up and go to college and get a job?! I know for sure though, that if you asked my parents they would still say that my maturity level is that of a 10 year old haha.

    I miss those days…

  • great post!!! cartoons did help my siblings and I while we were growing up…while my parents were working we learned our manners from these shows…now there arnt any worth watching shows for kids and so less manners

    • True! I agree. Kids’ shows are not as informative/ manner-oriented as it was back then. We should be still glad that there are still those shows who continue to value good manners and right conduct. :) Thank you for reading!

    • Thank you! I feel the same too!

      Heyy, I really appreciate you commenting and reading my blog posts. I’m sorry I can’t do the same to yours, FOR NOW. I shall be active in the blogosphere as soon as the semester’s over. :D Hihi. xx

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