Optimist Prime

Published March 26, 2012 by The OC

Optimistic. One thing I treasure the most is me being an optimist. I am a positive thinker.

My life isn’t perfect. No one’s life ever is perfect. We went through hardships and trials which made us stronger and wiser. We become a better person with every experience we go through. But there are those moments which made us be something else. There are those moments which develops a part of us just so we help ourselves cope and accept the fact that life is not easy.

I wasn’t born an optimist. In fact, I was a grungy little girl whom my mom would always call “maldita“.  I wasn’t a happy-go-lucky child because of the fact that there isn’t much in my childhood to be happy about. But there is this one moment where everything turned upside-down. I grew up.

Basically, when one grows, one develops. We mature and face more problems each and every day we grow up. Growing up lets us enter in situations where giving up is an option, where negativity fills up the room and conspires us to speculate and to aim for the unreachable perfection. In these moments, I learned not to let my self be eaten by the “bad” energy. I do not let myself be swallowed in the deep, dark misery of trying to make things work and wanting it so bad which just leads to frustrations and disappointments.

I figured that if I let my self feel happy, think happy, I can at least let my self forget the difficulty of the process of growing up. Or at least I can feel that there is something to look upon to at the end of the day. Having just a little something to think positive about can change the mood of a person. This change can affect gravely how we act the next few seconds and how we let ourselves go on and grow up.


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