To You, Yes, You

Published March 31, 2012 by The OC

To my oh-so awesome readers,

It’s been a while. :) I haven’t blogged for some time due to school stuffs and such. You know college, it’s pretty freaking hard. I needed to focus on my studies that’s why I wasn’t able to post a ‘real’ post. I mean, the last few posts I blogged was all for a requirement in my English class but I still wanted to share it to you so I guess it kind of is technically a ‘real’ post. HAHA.

Anyways, it’s summer already here in the Philippines though I’m going to take summer classes so I can graduate on time. This just means that I’ll be posting as much as I can and let you ride with the thoughts I have been keeping all this crazy semester. It also means I get to visit, read, like and comment on your blogs!!! YAAAY!  I missed reading your funny, helpful, and inspiring posts!!! I’ll be able to visit own little worlds soon enough! (I still have to clean my room :( )

Thank you for staying in touch! Thank you for your patience, your kindness and everything. :) Thank you for visiting my world, reading my works, liking my posts and of course, for your very sweet comments. :’)

I’m soooo excited to go blog-hopping again!!! I love you all so so much!!!

hugs and kisses,

The OC


14 comments on “To You, Yes, You

      • I’m so jealous. We don’t have the winter season here. :(
        Well, aside from my EVER SO GREAT (yes, this is sarcastically said) summer classes, my family and I will go out of town and visit some places. :) Hopefully, I still get to enjoy my summer. :D
        Is it still spring there?

      • Haha, well you’re not missing much! Snow may look nice, may seem nice. But I swear it has the most evil intentions of any of the different weather types :P It is supposed to be spring here, but yesterday it was nice and sunny and today it’s cold and snowing! What is that?!? Enjoy that vacation of yours, hopefully you get to go to some neat places :)

      • HAHAHA. I’d keep that in mind whenever I get to actually be somewhere where it’s winter. :D I think the Global Warming’s been kicking in and altering our climates.

        Thank you! I’ve been out of town for a while with my family, well, we visited our province. :)

  • I’m having a fun time reading your blog posts! I really hope for more awesome posts this summer! :D
    I, too, am taking summer classes so I can feel you but the graduating-on-time part. Hahaha, just joking.
    Good luck on us!
    And more power to you and your blog! :)

    • Thank you so much! Hihi. :) I shall be reading your blogs soon! We’ve been going out of town before summer classes start that’s why I can’t blog for a while but by tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to drop by and read your blogs! :)

      Good luck to you! Hihi. We can do iiit! :bd

      Thank you again!

      • You’re welcome!

        Awww, sucks for me. I haven’t started my blog yet. Still looking for inspirations but I wish you would still be eager to read my blog by the time I started posting. :D

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