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Seventeen Back To Seven

Published March 26, 2012 by The OC

 Time goes by so fast that sometimes we don’t even know what’s happening with our lives. It just passes you like a gush of the wind, you don’t see it coming and the next thing you know, and it already passed you by. One day, I was just seven and now I’m already 17. When I was seven, I always wonder what I’d be like when I’m seventeen. Now that I’m seventeen, I wonder what I was when I was seven.

            Looking ten years backward, I’m just in the first grade studying in a little room with wooden armchairs and a huge blackboard in front. I wore a brown uniform with a red belt and a red ribbon, and black shoes with white socks in school. I had such short hair cut just below the jaw line. My godfather who is also the service driver would pick me up at our house and drop me off in school then fetch me and then drop me off by the house from Mondays to Fridays. I remember having a cute backpack with a metal pencil-case and a box of crayons inside together with the books and notebooks for school. My day by then begins with saying hi to my classmates in the morning, and saying goodbye to them in the afternoon.

            If that seven-year old little girl looks ten years forward, she’ll see a young lady in a huge air-conditioned classroom sitting on a plastic armchair facing a whiteboard. A girl who wears a chic top tucked in skinny jeans and a leopard print ballerina flats. Her hair is long and curly at the ends. She goes to school from Tuesdays to Fridays riding a jeepney from her house, then a bus, then another jeepney inside the university; then she rides a jeepney, rides a bus, and then rides another jeepney and drops off by her home. She uses a black and white patterned handbag to school with a pink case for her pens and a kit for her cosmetics together with a number of fillers and a yellow pad inside. Her day begins with saying hi to her classmates before class and says goodbye to them after the period, and does this for about three to four times a day.

            This is two very different lives lived by a single person. That was how huge ten years had changed a seven-year old girl into a 17-year-old young lady. But there are things which time cannot change. We still have the same body though biological changes have occurred; it’s still the same body. I still live at the very same house that young kid lived in and still with the same family. I still have a nanny who cleans up the mess in my room because of school stuffs. Cinderella is still my favorite fairytale and so as blue is still my favorite color. I loved Winnie the Pooh then and love him until now. I’m addicted to Chuckie as I was when I was seven and still drink full cream milk every night. One thing that I’m happy that it stayed the same was I was a kid then and still is inside my heart.

            It’s funny how something you wanted as a kid comes to life and lives it like you wanted it to. Though not everything is what I expected it to be, it still turned out as a dream come true for that seven-year old little girl. I was seven and I wanted to be seventeen. I am seventeen and  still want to be seven.


Like A Pro

Published January 30, 2012 by The OC

This is a short commentary on a narration written by one of my classmates, Juancho Valera.


Juancho’s story is about Hermes 6677, the 6,677th machine designed by humans to explore Earth-like planets. It is a self-replicating drone with physical and functional properties that are very similar to a virus. The main mission of all the Hermes drones is to find planets or moons which could be a substitute for the already dying Earth of human beings. Hermes 6677 died in a nearby moon that’s a size of a Jupiter-like planet. It died whilst carrying its mission which in his later note, ended as an information used by humans to find another home.

This story is in line with the world building activity we did in our class. We were divided into groups in which we created our own world and came up with different imaginative ideas and suggestions. We were asked to make stories about the worlds we created.

I’m going to make some suggestions and a little tweaking in Juancho’s work:

First, taking a quick glance at his story, your eyes can be easily glued to the first page because of the big chunk of text written on it. It’s as if it’s going to take forever once you read it. The problem with having big chunks of texts is that when you take your eyes off it for even just a second, you won’t be able to read the continuation unless you find the last word you read easy. In line with this, I suggested that he separate different groups of ideas in that big paragraph.

Second, the use of “earth like” should be Earth-like because Earth is a proper noun and when you use “like” to denote something which looks like that something, you should use a hyphen, same with Jupiter-like and feline-like.

Third, the line “Hermes 6677 was the 6677th drone to be created.” should be moved to an earlier paragraph as a part of the description with the object. And he should also use the comma sign in the “6677” to denote the thousands place even though it is understood as six thousand six hundred seventy seven.

Fourth, the “laser PISTOL” should be used as laser pistol all through out. At one point he wrote “..laser fire.

Last, the last paragraph in his narration is quite off for me. I feel there should be something written before it so that the second to the last paragraph really is connected to the last paragraph.

Aside from these, I think the last two lines in his narration is a good way of ending the story. This is what he wrote (read this as if you were a drone):

Planet capable of supporting life detected. Prepare for invasion.”

Kicking Off 2012!

Published January 6, 2012 by The OC

The first week of 2012 is almost over, and what a way to kick it off this year! I have made my list of new goals and wishes for this year but I shall post it tomorrow for the thrilling effect! *laughs*

Anyways, this week has been really fun. Well, sort of? Or whatever..

January 1

A mini-family reunion was celebrated here in our house. My mom’s relatives celebrated the new year with us and my little cute cousins played some games that were REALLY stomach-aching because of the comedy they brought. :)

January 2

This day was more of the I-don’t-want-to-go-to-school-yet day. HAHA. So much of the drama. I really don’t feel like going to school the next day. The Christmas break was really an unproductive break for me. I wasn’t able to carry out much of what I have to do.. I mean, I wasn’t able to carry out ANYTHING at all. :))

January 3

Back to school day!  Ugh, the early hours, waking up early, being stuck in traffic.. this is some of the reasons why going to school isn’t much fun. Oh, and my Biology teacher gave us just a LONG QUIZ for us to feel how much school missed us. YAY. :| The two good things about this day? I saw my best friends again and I saw my crush again. HAHA. ♥

January 4

I went to school early just to know that my eight thirty class is free cut. This was the day when I’m really craving for sleep that’s why I slept early this day. Hihi. :3

January 5

For the second time in history, my Biology class was canceled! Hooooooraaaaaay!!! HAHA.

January 6

This is quite a big day for me. Hihi. Well, my first class for today, Anthropology, starts at 10 o’clock because my English class was canceled by my professor (he had a surgery yesterday, please do pray for his fast recovery). Then, I wasn’t late for my Anthropology class. I thought I will be but, thank God my professor went up a little late. Hihi. And for the first time, NO QUIZ in Math. =)) AND I couldn’t be more proud of myself, (not bragging but) I got a score of 99 over a hundred in my Physics test. YAAAAAAAY!!! ♥ I am so blessed! That is why my best friends and I had dinner (which I will be writing about tomorrow ;) ) well, the dinner was actually unplanned. We just felt like eating, that’s all! :))) ♥

This was my first six days of 2012, how was yours? Do tell me and just comment here!

Much loooooove,     

The OC ♥

PS: It’s Page 6 of 366! ♥


Published January 2, 2012 by The OC

"Two thousand and eleven made me who I am."


Two thousand and eleven has been a great year for me. It’s not perfect but it sure is one hell of a ride. It probably is the year where I’ve been through my highest ups and my lowest downs. So to give you guys a walk-through of my 2011, I am giving you guys… a list! :D

Going UP

1. I passed the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT)! ♥

2. I passed the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test. :D

3. I won champion in an essay writing contest held by UP KAPITAS. :D

4. Had the EPIC video of my life. HAHA. (This is me and my friends doing crazy things and decided to video it.)

5. Won the championship title in the speech choir competition in Lyceum, together with my team!

6. I passed the CAT. (This is one BIG achievement.)

7. I gave my speech in our graduation. :’)

8. I graduated as our class salutatorian. :>

9. I got enrolled in the University of The Philippines.

10. I found new friends. >:D<

11. I realized how much my parents loves me. :’)

12. I got high scores in my second semester (so far). :D


14. I have met a lot of bloggers here! Hihi.

15. I had the best Christmas celebration eveeeeeeeeeeeeer! <:P

16. I got a polaroid camera. ♥

17. Alfred Highmore followed me back on Twitter. :”> ♥

18.  Oh, I forgot. I turned seventeen. :P

19. I got a lot of shoes. ♥

20. I’m still alive. :D

Going DOWN

1. Our Seniors Promenade. :|


3. My grand father died.

4. My mom got sick.

5. No money. Huhu.

6. Low grades in my first semester. :(

7. No fireworks this New Year’s Eve. Huhu.

This is just what I remember as of now. But if ever I get to remember more, I’m sure to update these lists!

It was the year I am reminded that I am a human, I do fall down. But it is true, what they say, you pick yourself back up. This was the time when I started to think more maturely and began to be rational and reasonable. I have grown up. Not just literally, but deep within. 2011 gave me my life lessons. 2011 taught me what it is to be a human being. It taught me how to feel, how to think. It is then when I started to act my age and not pretend to be somebody else. And it probably is the time I began experimenting on myself (hello, curly hair!) and started to learn who I really am and find the purpose of my life. Though 2011 has gone by, I will NEVER say goodbye to it.

2011 made me who I am today. :’) ♥


Published November 27, 2011 by The OC

I was supposed to use “A Re-telling of A Re-telling: The Notebookas the title of this entry. But I decided to just think of a new one because I’m writing more on the experience of being re-told of a story though the first title was more catchy.

November 25th, Friday. It was past 9 o’clock in the morning when Sir Joscar Malacaman, our English 1 professor, asked us to tell our so-called “partner” who’s just our seatmate by the way, our favorite story. Aside from that, he specifically asked us to tell it in English. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean, what he’s asking us to do isn’t really hard. I do know how to speak in English but the problem is, I’m not really a good speaker of the language. Apparently, I am not alone. Grace, my seatmate, also felt that way. In which case, we kind of just giggled it off while inside, I was already formulating what to say just so I wouldn’t mess up the story I was about to tell her.

Grace and I aren’t really close. We’re more of in the she’s-just-my-seatmate-in-English-class relationship. But seeing her in the same state that I am – the nervously giggling state – I actually felt quite comfortable. I was the first one to tell my favorite story, Hope for The Flowers by Trina Paulus. Miraculously, I didn’t mess it up which was a relief on my side. However, I noticed that I overused the word “like” which made me realize just now that I should be really expanding my vocabulary.

When it was her turn to tell her favorite story, she kept on saying “You know this already.” And I was like, “It’s okay.” Well, it really was okay to me. To make her comfortable in telling me her favorite story, I let her tell me the details first like the title, author and genre. It turned out that her favorite story is Nicholas Spark‘s The Notebook. I do know The Notebook because I watched its movie but I never really read the book itself. Just like me, she never really have read the book but she really LOVES the story. You could really see it in her that she really loves the story. Her smile goes from ear to ear as she tells me the scenes that touched and made her feel the butterflies inside. And every time I get to relate to what she’s saying, it was like the feeling of having you and your best friend connect like Bluetooth. We were like those young girls who just saw a cute guy and gush about it. It was a moment where I felt comfortable with her. It was a moment where I can say I have a new friend.

Well, you see, it was just all about THE story. I tell a story. She tells a story. That was it. But the moment took a turn and led me to this road I never thought I’d be in. It’s not just the love conquers all theme of The Notebook that I get to know about. It was also about the nice, sweet and funny girl that I have always sat beside in class whom I now officially call as my friend.

When you just let loose and let the moment take over the driver’s seat, you will always find yourself in somewhere unexpected, somewhere beautiful. It may not be the destination you’re supposed to go to nor be the way you want to take but I am sure that where ever it is, it’s worth the time to see. Sooner or later, you’ll think about it and say it’s true. :)

“Let the moment take over the driver’s seat.”

The Missing Link

Published November 22, 2011 by The OC

Three points. Three points lost. And all I blame is that nice lady who manages the photocopying area at school.

I’m not really a perfectionist, you see. Just like what I’ve said in my earlier post, I don’t really strive to be perfect. BUT I can’t help but feel bad. :(

We just had our first-ever-most-awaited-quiz-of-the-week in my Arkiyoloji 1 class. I’ve read everything I needed to read. I certainly almost memorized the chapter selections and I really really REALLY studied hard for the quiz. The thing is, while I was reviewing, I noticed that there’s a duplicate of page 24 in one of my copies. I didn’t really bother. But then I came to realize, I’m missing a page. Honestly though, I didn’t really think it was THAT important. Nevertheless, I was quite freaking out.

And then, it all went down this morning. My first class (which starts at 8:30) with the most awaited quiz just broke my heart. I couldn’t really think of the answer in numbers 10-12. I don’t remember reading anything about that question. Right there and then, it hit me. It most probably came from the missing page of my reading, I mea

n, where else would it have come from? With all my might, I did try to guess and with the one in a million chance of catching a lightning, one, I repeat, JUST ONE of the three answers I wrote turned out to be correct.

I really want to get good grades this semester. I need to stay in CBA (College of Business Administration). I have to get at least a 2.29 GWA average of the two semesters and there’s really no room for mistakes here ’cause I wasn’t lucky in my first semester. I know I shouldn’t feel really bad, but I just want to make my parents proud of me. I feel and I know my parents were kind of disappointed last semester, and I don’t want them to feel the same this time. :(

Actually, I don’t really blame the lady who photocopied the chapter I have. Well, maybe just a little. I just have to do better next time and make sure I get the right pages. Anyways, I hope you learned from my mistake, I’m sure I did.

I promise you guys, I will do better! Kill me if I don’t. (That was a figure of speech. DON’T take it seriously.)

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