Random Facts

1.0 Aside from  the slight obsessive-compulsive disorder I have, I also have a not-so-serious bipolarity disorder. It’s more on the mood swings side and is very evident on my tweets. :))

1.1 As much as I want to learn how to ride a bicycle, I just can’t. There you have it, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. Huhu. T.T

1.2 I LOOOOOOOOVE Chuckie! It’s a chocolate drink that’s oooooh so yummyyyy. :p~ (Ooooh, it rhymes. :D) I drink it like it’s water. Hihi. :P

1.3 I don’t know how to “shred” chicken using spoon and fork and knife. I ask someone else to do it for me. :P

1.4 I once had a cat named Pooh-Pooh and I named her kitten, Tigger.

1.5 I have at least 200 Winnie the Pooh stuff toys. That does not include the bed sheets, carpets, pillow cases, key chains, ball pens, papers, plates, cups, glasses, and A WHOLE LOT more. :3 (Sadly, I have to let go of them. Wait for further posts ’cause I might just give it as giveaways here!)

1.6 My favorite colors are light blue, baby pink, periwinkle and white. :)

1.7 My last baby tooth was removed when I was 15. :O

1.8 I don’t like eggplants and okra. :| ugh. Feels slimy in your throat. :&

1.9 I have a pet Beagle named “Sarah” after the singer Sarah Geronimo. Actually, I don’t really like her. She was just popular at that time so my pet had to bear her name. HAHA. And supposedly, my Harrier almost got the name “Geronimo”, we named him “Toots” for no clear reason.

2.o I adore Anne Hathaway! She’s just so gorgeous!

2.1 When I was about seven, I really wanted to become a nun someday! HAHA. So much for studying in a Catholic school. :))

2.2 I have a HUUUUUGE crush on Ivan Dorschner. ♥

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6 comments on “Random Facts

  • Your mama can’t ride a bicycle too. :( Add the fact that you own more than a hundred Pooh stuffed toys (but you’re giving them all up) Haha! I miss you! I love your blog but I love you more!

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